Meet our awesome partner: SubsidyCloud

Meet our awesome partner: SubsidyCloud

Not only our 20 trustees help realizing the awesome ideas that are pitched. Also a bunch of partners help us out. Today in the picture: SubsidyCloud

Check out their story below

Subsidies have been in place since the 1980s. Since then, there has been a proliferation of subsidies and subsidy providers emerge. Governments hardly know what the result of the support provided and unnecessarily spend a lot of money on the implementation of subsidy programs. Each subsidy desk also works with its own (digital) counters and rules of the game.

Lost a lot of tax money on the implementation of all these subsidy programs. Time and time again it also becomes clear that SMEs find it difficult to find subsidy funds.  On 24 August 2020, a news report was published by data-science company analysis spotter that figures show that almost every knowledge institution receives an innovation subsidy while only 1 in 1,270 SMEs (!) receive it.

SubsidyCloud is the first step towards transparency. Currently, the search for suitable subsidy programs is a complex process with many manual actions for the SME entrepreneur, where it is often unclear whether a financing/grant is suitable. Within the SubsidyCloud the focus is on automation based on historical data, dynamic questionnaires, links with public information to generate a match between the SME entrepreneur, subsidy provider and if desired a subsidy intermediary. SMBs thus gain direct access to the world of subsidies and no longer have to go through all the different government websites to know which subsidies they are eligible for.

The ultimate goal of SubsidyCloud goes much further. Giving governments insight into the 

use of subsidies, the effectiveness of the funds spent and 1 central platform to offer subsidies according to shared protocols and safeguards. This from the central vision of the entrepreneurs behind SubsidyCloud: make the subsidy world more transparent and ensure that we need less taxpayers’ money to achieve more!

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