Frequently asked questions

I have
an Idea


Do you have an idea that makes Rotterdam more lovely, fun & awesome?

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I want to become
a trustee


Do you want to want to make Rotterdam more awesome by donating €50 a few times a year?

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I want to become
a partner


Sponsor drinks? Host a location? Take pictures?

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I have an idea

What are the criteria?


First of all, the idea should be AWESOME! Second, the idea should have a strong connection with Rotterdam. Third, you should be able to boost realize your idea with the €1.000 within a few months.

When is an idea Awesome?


What’s awesome and what’s not is very personal. We donated money to helping elderly against loneliness by jointly making jam of left over fruit. On the other hand, we had winners that convinced the trustees that running a parkour of inflatable dinosaurs is awesome. Throughout the years we’ve seen hundreds of ideas, check out this website for some inspiration.

We believe your idea is Awesome when

  • The idea helps Rotterdam to become more cool, fun, loving and social, not you more rich
  • The idea stands out: it evokes surprise, is creative and shows your love for Rotterdam
  • You can use the micro-grant of €1000 to execute your idea or to kickstart the further development

I want to become
a trustee

What are the criteria?


You love ideas that evoke surprise. You love to stimulate people that dare to stand out. Every pitch night you hand in 50 euro cash. If you are not able to attend you make sure somebody
is replacing you. That’s it.

Where can I sign up?


Send us an email with some basic information about yourself. We’ll give you a call to see if there’s a match. Feel free to join us during a Pitch Night to experience what it’s like to be a Trustee.

How can I get more information?


Send us an email!

You never know… but what if I don’t want to be a trustee anymore?


Trustees can move, trustees can have other priorities. We see people come and go, and that’s no problem. Let the organization know at least one Pitch Night before you leave us.

I want to become
a partner

Can I host one of your events?


Yes! We would love that. If your location can host 50-100 people, is easy reachable by public transport and has a bar we will be easily convinced we should host our event at your place.

How can I help?


All help is welcome. We are especially looking for partners that

  1. Provide their venue to host our Pitch Nights
  2. Like to share beers & soda with us
  3. Can take pictures and/or create video materials
  4. Just want to provide us some pocket money for our hosting and marketing

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