Crazy idea needs funding?

We award €1,000 grants every month. Your brilliant plan is yours alone. We don’t ask any stake in return. Let´s make Rotterdam more awesome.

How it works

No1. Submit your idea

Tell us how you contribute to Rotterdam’s awesomeness. Is it feasible with €1,000?

apply idea

No2. Present to us

During next Pitch Night to our network of trustees and get feedback. Why is your idea most awesome?

No3. Make it happen!

Receive €1,000 and realize your plan. Don’t be afraid to ask trustees for help.

Become trustee

Monthly network event

  • Visit Pitch Night every month
  • Bring a friend or business relation
  • Not able to attend? Let someone else represent you. Drinks on us!

Vote for most awesome ideas

  • Ask questions and give feedback
  • Vote for your favorite pitch
  • There’s a possibility to share 1/20th voting right among friends

Contribute to our city

  • Commit to donate € 50
  • At least for three months
  • Wanna quit? Introduce us to another interesting person

About us

The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe. Trustees support crazy ideas in more than 80 chapters in 18 countries. Rotterdam’s chapter is founded by Eelco Straathof, Ewoud Zweers and Tjerk Ploeger.

For more info take a look at the global website or read our press release.